Better water solutions
for builders, people, and planet

Natural systems to treat and reuse water at any scale.

Builders need water conservation solutions that add value to homes

  • Higher valued homes and landscapes
  • Meet water conservation regulations
  • Lower development and utility costs
LeapFrog Design's EstuaryTM plant-powered ecological water reuse treatment systems capture water from sinks, washing machines, and showers; clean it just like nature would; and then make it available for toilet flushing and irrigation.

LeapFrog water reuse technology helps builders

The Estuary is an all-natural, plant-powered water treatment system that adds beauty to outdoor spaces as it recycles water from sinks, showers, and washing machine for reuse in toilet flushing and irrigation.
Add water reuse

How it works

The Estuary is easy to integrate into your new build, remodel, tiny home, or ADU project.

Download a dIagram of the Estuary installation


For builders

  • More effective than HE appliances
  • Higher valued homes and landscapes
  • Lower permitting and utility fees

For residents

  • Lower monthly water bills
  • Bigger yards and greener gardens
  • Greater comfort and longer showers

For communities

  • Scalable decentralized infrastructure
  • Extend limited water supplies
  • Climate and drought resilience


Natural beauty & functionality

Nature-based water treatment technology in a stylish raised-bed planter or green wall.

Industry-leading quality

Designed to exceed NSF 350 international water quality standards for safe reuse in your home and garden.

Real-time monitoring

Monitored 24/7 to optimize treatment performance, ensure water quality, and notify technicians when service is needed.

Leaders in onsite water treatment

Our ground-breaking EstuaryTM and CasecadeTM nature-based greywater treatment systems are only the beginning. We've also been funded by the EPA to develop a plant-based septic system, coming in 2023.

Partnered for success

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If you've got questions about greywater reuse, we're happy to answer them!