Sustainable onsite water reuse

Ecological systems to treat and reuse water at any scale.
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Our approach

Across much of the United States, water prices are rising and water sources are shrinking. We are developing onsite water reuse systems that enable families to repurpose their greywater for greener lawns, lusher gardens, and fewer water restrictions.
The Challenge

We live in a changing world

Drought and water scarcity affect millions of lives, and water waste costs billions of dollars.
The Solution

Every drop counts

Families can save 75% more water at home with our sustainable, plant-based greywater recycling system.

The value of onsite water reuse

One system, many benefits

For home builders

  • Higher home values
  • Lower permitting fees
  • Lower construction costs

For home buyers

  • Bigger yards and greener lawns
  • Lower water bills
  • Drought resilience

Partnered for success

We're proud to be a part of the cleantech revolution.