We're a small team with a big mission

Across the United States, water prices are rising and water sources are shrinking. We develop natural water treatment and reuse systems for high-performance homes that offer greater water conservation and more comfortable living.
our mission

To provide water security, flexibility, and abundance for households worldwide. We work with nature, partnering with the power of plants to create equitable access to safe water and a beautiful, healthy planet.

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Codesigning Targeted Innovation

An introduction to the mindset, methods, and techniques of codesign that drive innovation at LeapFrog Design.
Diagram of classical and co-design collaborative processes

Our Team

Adam DeHeer

Co-founder & CEO

Nick Sund

Co-founder & Head of Product

Janet Hager

Director of Communication and Marketing

Jackson Miller

Lead Engineer

Ben Goetsch

Engineering Technician

Jaemie Bynum

Research Assistant


Joe Henderson

Arturo Llaxacondor

Todd Laurence

Ben Nahir

Kory Russel

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