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Across the United States, homebuilding is changing rapidly. Water prices are rising and water sources are shrinking. We develop plant-powered water treatment and reuse systems for high-performance homes that offer greater water conservation and more comfortable living.
our mission

LeapFrog Design works with nature's own systems to solve wicked problems.

Our Team

Adam DeHeer

Co-founder & CEO

Nick Sund

Co-founder & Head of Product

Janet Hager

Head of Growth

Jackson Miller

Lead Engineer

Brooke Goetsch

Production Engineer
Operating with kindness, humility, and respect for all, our design and engineering teams work from their knowledge of biological and ecological principles to create living utilities that provide safe access to essential resources and satisfy the human biophilic desire to see other living things — in particular, plants.

Maintaining responsibility and integrity in relationships with each other, our partners, our customers, and our planet.

Upholding equity and justice in our work and our priorities by developing technologies that disrupt wasteful infrastructure systems. Meeting our present and future needs, we create regenerative systems whose processes are less polluting, less inequitable, more beautiful, and more vital than existing infrastructure.

All of us are smarter and more creative than any of us. Our collaborative approach leverages systems thinking and stakeholder partnerships to design innovative solutions to wicked problems.

We foster creativity and make room for failure to spark innovation and continuous learning.

We focus on building healthy and sustainable communities through onsite resource management. To meet the growing need for onsite resource management, we provide a catalog of household and multifamily onsite utility and resource infrastructure products with a focus on water, food, and energy.

We believe in shared ownership and stewardship of environmental resources, so we use strategic partnerships to meet needs quickly.

We think globally and we act globally.

Codesigning Targeted Innovation

An introduction to the mindset, methods, and techniques of codesign that drive innovation at LeapFrog Design.
Diagram of classical and co-design collaborative processes


Arturo Llaxacondor

Todd Laurence

Ben Nahir

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