We're a small team with a big mission

Transforming water scarcity into abundance

Our work began in Lima, Peru, where city residents faced dual challenges of water scarcity and limited green space.

Using a human-centered design approach, we worked with the community to envision a new system to address these challenges.

We created a home greywater recycling system that empowered families to re-use laundry or shower water for extended non-potable use. The plant-based greywater recycling unit also provided green space and home beautification for the community.

In the United States, water scarcity and conservation measures are equally relevant. We realized that our greywater system could also address these challenges closer to home.

Now, our team is working to bring a new version of the modular water reuse system to the U.S. market.

Our Team

We have a unique blend of experience in business development, sustainable design, and public health.

Adam DeHeer

Co-founder & CEO

Nick Sund

Co-founder & Head of Product

Dayna Hansberger

Project Manager

Markus Koeneke

Research Manager


Steve Morris

Kory Russel