Case Study: Drought-Time Water Security

The Leslies needed a water solution in order to keep their ornamental and vegetable gardens.

Where the Leslies live there have always been annual periods of drought. Recently these periods of drought have been extending and intensifying. In response, cities in Oregon, California, and across the water-scarce regions of the US are implementing restrictions on outdoor water use. Along with wanting to conserve water as a valuable shared resource, the Leslies wanted to ensure they had their own water for outdoor irrigation during outdoor water restrictions. The Estuary, by LeapFrog Design, provided the water security they sought without the oversized tanks needed for rainwater capture. 

The Leslies selected the Estuary for the following reasons:

  • Small house, no room inside for a water treatment system.
  • Aesthetic appeal. The Leslies enjoy gardening and are fond of plants, and they appreciate how the Estuary adds beauty to the surrounding landscape. 
  • Lower water bills and the system pays for itself over time.
The Leslies at the initial installation.

Product Description

Nature-based water treatment and reuse: LeapFrog provides cost-effective, superior-performance residential greywater recycling systems. We specialize in modular and scalable ecological treatment solutions that use technology inspired by nature to provide natural water abundance. 

LeapFrog’s Estuary is a plant-powered greywater treatment system. On the surface, a modern planter box adds beauty to the landscape with native and ornamental plants; inside, plants and microbes clean greywater from sinks, showers, and washing machines for reuse in toilet flushing and irrigation. It’s monitored 24/7 to optimize treatment performance, ensure water quality, and notify technicians when service is needed. Designed to exceed NSF 350 international water quality standards for safe reuse in homes and gardens. Efficient, affordable, and beautiful.

The Leslie’s system is rated for 50 gallons/day treatment capacity but treated up to 89 gallons per day during peak periods of use. Their configuration includes one smart bench module, one treatment planter module, and one 50-gallon storage tank with a pressurizing pump.

In Their Words

We are very pleased with the Estuary system. It’s working great, the water is super clean, and my plants are thriving. The design is sleek and modern, and it looks great next to my home. We have enjoyed showing the system off to visitors and seeing their enthusiasm for the notion of recycling residential greywater. The team has been fast and responsive, answering all of my questions and providing excellent customer service. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a high-quality and beautiful water efficiency solution." 

— The Leslies

The system after 8 months in action.

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