LeapFrog and WAI: Partnering on water quality in Hawai'i

LeapFrog Design is thrilled to announce our partnership with WAI! WAI is bringing many important stakeholders together to protect both island freshwater and the ocean. Together we’ll be working to bring our plant-powered water reuse solutions to Hawai’i. We are excited to be part of the solution to one of the largest drivers of coral reef decline and groundwater pollution on and around the islands: untreated wastewater.

“Often, climate change issues seem insurmountable,” said Adam DeHeer, Co-Founder and CEO of LeapFrog.“The coral die-off around the Hawai’ian islands is a problem we can solve. Together with WAI, we have the technical solutions, the right stakeholders, and the passion to get this work done.”

Wastewater from cesspools pollutes the ocean, weakening coral reefs and making them more vulnerable to die-off during heatwaves. Treating water onsite prevents nitrogen from leaching into the ocean, strengthening and preserving the coral reefs. It beautifies the homeowner’s property by removing unsightly, unhealthy cesspools, and provides extra water for additional landscaping. It saves everyone money, energy, and carbon.

“LeapFrog’s nature-based, collaborative approach works well with our efforts to protect water quality and help homeowners in Hawai’i navigate the process of upgrading cesspools and septic systems,” said Stuart Coleman, Executive Director of WAI. “We are excited by the potential that their plant-powered greywater treatment systems offer to improve water quality across the Hawaiian Islands.”

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